Author’s Note: I can’t summarize the essence of the story any better than I did in the Introduction.  If this strikes a chord within you, buy this book.

We come to the sublime through sports but afterwards have no context to understand it and few friends with whom we can share such intimate insight. So we store these epiphanies along with our other memories and try forever after to ignore their haunting, almost radioactive, resonance. We can’t forget this clarity but we can’t understand it either. . . . As you embark on any path of spiritual enquiry, remember the inherent challenge: Since your rational mind can overshadow your intuition, words and thoughts are poor navigators in this realm. Searching for epiphany through analysis is like using a straight-edge ruler to draw a circle.

You must act instead on faith. Challenge yourself in passionate pursuits. Gain experience resolutely. Develop your trained abilities and, as you do, let your intellect and intuition find their proper balance. Most importantly, when the crystalline moment does approach, and time slows down and all becomes deliciously vivid around you, resist the temptation to retain or analyze your awareness. Just let it happen. Go with it, flow with it. Bathe in it joyfully. Without trying, you will understand it best.